Best ASP.NET Core Courses | Certifications | Syllabus | Books in 2023

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    Explore the Best Free Online ASP.NET Core Courses and Certifications in 2023, Syllabus, Books, and Benefits to help you choose the right program for your needs. 

    ASP.NET Core Courses | Certifications | Syllabus | Books
    ASP.NET Core Courses | Certifications
    | Syllabus | Books

    Why ASP.NET Core Courses & Certifications Important?

    It allows developers to use various programming languages such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic to build web applications and APIs that can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS. ASP.NET Core Courses and certifications are important for several reasons:

    • ASP.NET Core Certifications can be advantageous during job interviews at preferred companies.
    • ASP.NET Core Certification helps in learning the new technologies, skills, and abilities for a specific promotion.
    • A ASP.NET Core certification course gives you a competitive advantage over others.
    • It enhances prospects of promotion, raises and new job prospects.
    • Keeps knowledge up to date.

    ASP.NET Core Courses & Certifications Topic & Syllabus?

    Here is a general syllabus for learning ASP.NET Core:

    1. Introduction to ASP.NET Core
    • What is ASP.NET Core
    • Benefits of using ASP.NET Core
    • ASP.NET Core architecture
    1. Setting Up the Environment
    • Installing Visual Studio and .NET Core SDK
    • Creating a new ASP.NET Core project
    • Understanding project structure and files
    1. Creating Web Applications
    • Creating and configuring controllers and views
    • Handling HTTP requests and responses
    • Working with HTML forms
    1. Working with Data
    • Creating a database connection
    • Using Entity Framework Core
    • Creating data models and mappings
    • Performing CRUD operations
    1. Security and Authentication
    • Implementing user authentication and authorization
    • Working with cookies and tokens
    • Implementing role-based security
    1. Building Web APIs
    • Creating and configuring controllers
    • Using HTTP verbs and status codes
    • Handling exceptions and errors
    1. Advanced Topics
    • Using dependency injection
    • Implementing middleware
    • Working with third-party libraries and packages
    • Deploying an ASP.NET Core application
    1. Best Practices and Performance Optimization
    • Best practices for coding in ASP.NET Core
    • Performance optimization techniques
    • Monitoring and debugging an ASP.NET Core application
    1. Case Studies and Projects
    • Building a real-world application using ASP.NET Core
    • Analyzing and debugging an existing ASP.NET Core application

    Best ASP.NET Core Books (High User Rating)

    We recommend top ASP.NET Core books to aid in learning ASP.NET Core knowledge.

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