Best Django Courses | Certifications | Syllabus | Books in 2023

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    Explore the Best Free Online Django Courses and Certifications in 2023, Syllabus, Books, and Benefits to help you choose the right program for your needs. 

    Django Courses | Certifications | Syllabus | Books
    Django Courses | Certifications
    | Syllabus | Books

    Why Django Courses & Certifications Important?

    Django is a computer programming language often used to build websites and software, data analysis and AI. Django Courses and certifications are important for several reasons:

    • Django Certifications can be advantageous during job interviews at preferred companies.
    • Django Certification helps in learning the new technologies, skills, and abilities for a specific promotion.
    • A Django certification course gives you a competitive advantage over others.
    • It enhances prospects of promotion, raises and new job prospects.
    • Keeps knowledge up to date.

    Django Courses & Certifications Topic & Syllabus?

    Here is a general syllabus for learning Django:

    I.Introduction to Django

    • What is Django?
    • Installing Django
    • Creating a new Django project
    • Understanding Django's architecture
    • Setting up a development environment

    II. Django Models

    • Understanding models and databases
    • Creating a Django model
    • Defining fields and relationships
    • Database migrations
    • Querying data with the Django ORM

    III. Django Views and Templates

    • Understanding views and URLs
    • Creating a Django view
    • Using Django templates to render data
    • Template inheritance and context processors
    • Working with static files

    IV. Django Forms

    • Creating a Django form
    • Validating form data
    • Rendering forms in templates
    • Using Django's built-in form fields
    • Working with form widgets

    V. Django Admin

    • Setting up the Django admin
    • Customizing the admin interface
    • Creating custom admin actions
    • Security considerations

    VI. Django Authentication and Authorization

    • User authentication and registration
    • Password management
    • User authorization and permissions
    • Social authentication with third-party providers

    VII. Django APIs

    • Building APIs with Django Rest Framework
    • Serializing and deserializing data
    • Handling requests and responses
    • Authentication and permissions
    • Testing APIs with Postman

    VIII. Advanced Django

    • Working with Django middleware
    • Optimizing performance with caching
    • Handling errors and debugging
    • Deploying a Django application
    • Integrating with third-party services

    Best Django Books (High User Rating)

    We recommend top Django books to aid in learning Django knowledge.

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