Best Ethical Hacking Courses | Certifications | Syllabus | Books in 2023

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    Explore the Best Free Online Ethical Hacking Courses and Certifications in 2023, Syllabus, Books, and Benefits to help you choose the right program for your needs. 

    Ethical Hacking Courses | Certifications | Syllabus | Books
    Ethical Hacking Courses | Certifications
    | Syllabus | Books

    Why Ethical Hacking Courses & Certifications Important?

    Ethical Hacking is a practice of using the same methods and techniques as malicious hackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks, but with the goal of improving their security rather than causing harm. Ethical hacking involves various tools and techniques, such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and social engineering, and it is an important aspect of cybersecurity. Ethical Hacking Courses and certifications are important for several reasons:

    • Ethical Hacking Certifications can be advantageous during job interviews at preferred companies.
    • Ethical Hacking Certification helps in learning the new technologies, skills, and abilities for a specific promotion.
    • A Ethical Hacking certification course gives you a competitive advantage over others.
    • It enhances prospects of promotion, raises and new job prospects.
    • Keeps knowledge up to date.

    Ethical Hacking Courses & Certifications Topic & Syllabus?

    Here is a general syllabus for learning Ethical Hacking programming language:

    1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking:
    • Overview of ethical hacking and its importance
    • Legal and ethical considerations
    • Information gathering and reconnaissance
    • Footprinting and scanning
    1. Network and System Enumeration:
    • Network mapping and discovery
    • Vulnerability scanning and analysis
    • System identification and fingerprinting
    • Service enumeration and exploitation
    1. Malware and Social Engineering:
    • Types of malware and their effects
    • Malware detection and analysis
    • Social engineering techniques
    • Countermeasures and prevention
    1. Web Application Security:
    • Web application architecture and components
    • Injection attacks (e.g. SQL, XSS, CSRF)
    • Broken authentication and session management
    • Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks
    1. Wireless Network Security:
    • Types of wireless networks
    • Wireless security protocols
    • Wireless security vulnerabilities
    • Wireless network security testing
    1. Cryptography:
    • Types of cryptography
    • Cryptography protocols and algorithms
    • Cryptographic attacks and countermeasures
    • Cryptography and steganography
    1. Penetration Testing:
    • Types of penetration testing
    • Penetration testing methodologies
    • Tools and techniques for penetration testing
    • Reporting and communicating results
    1. Incident Response:
    • Incident response process and phases
    • Incident response policies and procedures
    • Incident detection and analysis
    • Incident containment and recovery

    Best Ethical Hacking Books (High User Rating)

    We recommend top Ethical Hacking books to aid in learning Ethical Hacking knowledge.

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